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We dont have 60 diferent strains from Reefermans in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

Accidental Haze stock:Available
Bazooka Joe stock:Available
BC Mango stock:Available
Big Bertha stock:Available
Blackseed stock:Available
Blueberry Blast stock:Available
Blueberry Indica stock:Available
Burmese Pure stock:Available
Cam1 x C99 stock:Available
Cam3 x C99 stock:Available
Cambodian x Haze stock:Available
Charles Kush stock:Available
Cherry Bomb Indica stock:Available
Cherry Haze stock:Available
Cinderella 99 stock:Available
Early Durban x Haze stock:Available
Early Island Indica stock:Available
Early Purple Kush stock:Available
Full Melt Madness stock:Available
G13 x Haze stock:Available
G13ab x Burmese stock:Available
Harmony stock:Available
Haze bros original Haze stock:Available
Hindu Kush x Haze stock:Available
John Sinclair stock:Available
King stock:Available
King Skunk stock:Available
Kings Cross stock:Available
Kodiak Gold stock:Available
Lebanese Hashplant stock:Available
Love Potion #1 stock:Available
Love potion #2 stock:Available
Love potion 1.1 stock:Available
Manga Haze stock:Available
Mango Rose stock:Available
Nepalese stock:Available
Nigerian stock:Available
Nigerian Nightmare stock:Available
Panama Red stock:Available
Petrolia Headstash stock:Available
Phnom Penh stock:Available
Pink Kush 1.1 stock:Available
Potent Purple stock:Available
Reeferman Sour Diesel stock:Available
RM Ultimate Outdoor stock:Available
RM-G13 stock:Available
Santa Marta Colombian Gold stock:Available
Seawarp stock:Available
Senor Garcia stock:Available
Super Silver Haze stock:Available
Super Star stock:Available
Tajikistani stock:Available
Thunderfuck Haze stock:Available
Ultra Early Love stock:Available
Vietnamese Mindfuck stock:Available
Viper stock:Available
Williams Mango stock:Available
Williams Wonder stock:Available
Willie Nelson stock:Available